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L'amour Lividity

Lovers lie broken. L'amour lividity. I softly caress the remains.
Stare into the void. Infinity. Strangled, raped, and battered romance.

Forlorne and forsaken. Lovelorne and mistaken.
Loved and lost, never loved at all.
Drama and tragedy. Murderous infamy.
We choose and continue to burn.

To burn
to lie
to love
to fake
to hate
to live
to die
another day.

to laugh
to cry
to hold
to leave
to say
to you
the grand finale.

Lovers lie buried. L'amour lividity. A stone with our names etched in.
Ok. That's all I have of it so far. Maybe I'll have more later. Anydangway, have lots of fun getting needled up in the NC. I will talk to you soon. As a matter of fact, I'm talking to you right now. Imagine that... I'll be thinking of you... I still have to buy your gift! Remember to take pictures of that snowman for me.

Love you,


P.S. "...or we could make it smell like... cake."
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