[noname voicebox] (justified_sin) wrote in lsoblivion,
[noname voicebox]

We make believers.
We take innocence.
We destroy
only to build upon a new foundation.

We pit brother against brother
and turn angels to demons.
We end it all
and begin anew.

We mold life in our likeness.
We call the shots.
We call every shot;
every bullet, that is.

We are the alpha.
We are the omega.
We are everything you wish you could be
and everything you regret.

We wipe the smile from your face
and the tears from your eyes.
We fuck to protect the virgins
and bring about a holocaust of pacifism.

We are living with one foot in the grave
and one hand in the fire.
It's us. It's been us all along.
The answers you seek lie within more questions.
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